Mentorship Programs

QAFQ has officially launched its mentorship programs. To help keep our programs free and valuable we raise funds by organizing events every year. The events are focused on the outcomes of our programs, on our mentees (future queens) and provide an opportunity to everyone for gaining awareness and exposure to different career opportunities and life improvement techniques. We work to make lives better – Through our events we reach out to people at large so that everyone has access to direct advice from industrial leaders. Our events are well rounded and are highly interactive. Music, Comedy, Raffle Prizes and the list goes on. We have got it all covered!

Creating Agents of Change

QAFQ provides four mentorship programs that are designed to help young girls discover their true potential and limitless possibilities that exist for them. Our programs are free of cost and include professional and personal coaching. We, at Queens, want our future queens to have confidence and power to explore their potential and approach the right opportunities that exist for them professionally as well as personally. We stand with our future queens. We believe in their potential. They are girls today, but they will be leaders tomorrow.

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Mentorship Programs

QAFQ STEM mentorship program affords future queens with opportunities to be technically prepared to pursue their passion in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The program connects young women with mentors that are STEM experts. The program includes activities, lessons and projects that allow the girls to develop skills while creating more awareness in STEM.

Mentorship includes professional and personal coaching.

The Arts, Fashion and Business (AFB) mentorship program enables our girls to learn, share and gain unique skill sets, which prepares them for a professional career. AFB mentees will be given the opportunity to be paired with industry leaders who will lead them to become successful. The program consists of lessons, activities and projects.

The program includes professional coaching and personal coaching.

The Health & Social Awareness (H & S) mentorship program encourages our mentees to adopt a healthy lifestyle in addition to demonstrating proper etiquette and being aware of their social settings. This program will connect mentees with skilled professionals in the various areas of health and social awareness. It helps to provide exposure and career related knowledge as well as personal nutrition and fitness.

The program includes professional and personal coaching.

The Financial Literacy mentorship program will aid in developing young leaders with the confidence and total awareness needed to understand, maintain as well as grow their financial wealth. The program will connect our mentees with leaders in the financial sector, giving them an increased knowledge and a better understanding of financial literacy. The program also exposes girls to several career opportunities existing in the financial sector.

The program includes professional coaching and personal coaching.