About Us

Our Vision & Mission

Queens and Future Queens is a platform for women and girls that is geared towards bringing women together to empower the future generation of young girls. Experiences are shared to build camaraderie, to enrich, enlighten and broaden spheres of influence in addition to strengthening the ability of  girls and women to effectively lead as well as to share best practices. We offer free mentorship programs to the female youth. Our programs are designed to help them discover their potential and prevent their participation in at-risk behaviors thus reducing the issues female teens face in the USA

“To develop and promote young women to reach their greatest potential through building life skills; self-confidence, self-awareness and community awareness. To prevent participation of America’s female youth population in at-risk behaviors.  To create agents of change by reducing the issues faced by the female youth population of USA and increasing the probability for girls to become future leaders.”

Our Founder

Pauline Holmes

Mother of 3, with 2 daughters and 1 son, Pauline became compassionate about the future of our children. Mentoring is a huge part of a child’s growth. She believes that it is important to pass knowledge and experiences to prepare young women to overcome, prosper and thrive beyond life’s obstacles and challenges. Going beyond the status quo. As well as giving women a chance to bond, grow and have a platform to share their stories and have their voices heard. She created Queens & Future Queens to live by just that.

Our Philosophy of Excellence

Getting Women from all walks of life connected and networked

Inspiration-led guidance provided to those who are a part of Queens 

Consistent motivation and guidelines provided by successful women through our website and events

Building a network of women to support women in need professionally and personally